California State Bill 969 – Battery Back-up Mighty Mule FAQ

What is SB 969?

The State of California recently passed new legislation (SB 969) requiring all new residential garage door openers sold in the state to include battery back-up functionality; the new legislation also requires that any new garage door sold in the state cannot be attached to a non-battery-backup garage door opener.

What is the purpose of the bill?

SB 969 was enacted in response to the historic 2017 wildfires in Northern California where several individuals lost their lives because they had lost electrical service during the fire and were unable to open their garage door.

When does SB 969 become enforceable?

The legislation becomes effective July 1, 2019.

How does it impact Mighty Mule (Nortek Security & Control) sales partners?

Our sales partners will not be able to sell garage door openers directly to retail customers in California unless those garage door openers include battery back-up functionality.

What is Linear doing on its end?

Nortek Security & Control (NSC) is doing two things internally. First, we have placed a label on all non-battery backup garage door units noting that they may not be resold in the state of California, nor may they be sold for ultimate installation in California. Second, NSC is implementing a hold in its order processing system that will prevent the direct sale of any NSC garage door opener lacking the battery backup function to a California address.

What is the fine for failure to comply?

For each residential garage door unit installed in California that does not have battery back-up, there is a fine equal to $1,000. Similarly, for each new garage door that is installed without a battery back-up garage door opener, there is also a fine equal to $1,000

Can I purchase a non-battery backup outside California and install in California?


Can a distributor or other dealer buy a non-battery backup unit and transport/ship through California for installation outside of California?


Can a consumer still buy replacement/repair parts for existing non battery backup units?


Are non battery-backup units already installed in California still under their original warranty?

Yes. The original warranty for already installed non-battery backup units will be honored as currently drafted.

Which Mighty Mule garage door opener models include the battery backup feature or are battery backup capable?