About Us

About Mighty Mule®

The Mighty Mule® brand was created over 30 years ago, when the founder grew weary of the inconvenience of getting in and out of his truck to manually open and close the gate of his Florida property. He decided to install an automatic gate opener on his gate and received quotes as high as $4,500. Knowing that this technology was readily available, he set out to design an affordable gate opener that was easy to install and could be used in remote locations. Soon after, Mighty Mule was born!

Today, Mighty Mule is part of the Nortek Security & Control (NSC) family. NSC provides Security, Home Automation, Access and Personal Safety systems and devices to residential and commercial customers. The Mighty Mule brand has grown, now offering a wide range of gate and smart garage door openers, metal driveway gates, accessories and replacement parts as well as driveway alarm systems. They are designed for home, ranch, industrial and light professional applications. Recent innovations include smart garage door openers that can be accessed from the Mighty Mule smart phone app.

Mighty Mule offers the “Do It Yourselfer”, a professional grade gate opener that is affordable and easy enough to install yourself. All Mighty Mule gate operators meet and exceed all national and federal safety standards and are certified and listed to be in compliance with UL325, Latest Edition.

Automatic Gate Openers

Automatic Gate Openers by Mighty Mule are sold as DIY, “Do-It-Yourself” Kits that include everything you will need for a standard gate opener installation. A Mighty Mule® gate opener is designed to be easy to install with no electrician or welding required. Included in the gate opener kit are: the installation DVD, instruction manual and access to our trouble-shooting wizard that is conveniently available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. For added security to your automatic gate system, be sure to check out our gate locks and wireless driveway alarms.

Gate Opener Accessories

Mighty Mule offers a wide variety of gate opener accessories that are designed to make your life easier. Our accessories range from extra transmitters for your gate, to gate locks that effectively secure your property. Other accessories include wireless exit sensors, intercoms, keypads, multi-button transmitters, and much more. And Mighty Mule offers one of the best wireless driveway alarms on the market. We strive to make your gate opener as secure and convenient as possible. Mighty Mule accessories have been designed for the “Do-It-Yourselfer” and can be easily installed by simply following our detailed instructions. Browse our full selection of Mighty Mule accessories today!

Garage Door Openers

Mighty Mule offers best-in-class garage door openers that leverage the latest in aesthetic design, performance, reliability, security and home automation technologies. Customers who purchase a Mighty Mule garage door opener gain added value right out of the box. Our units include LEDs with purchase, unlike most competitive units that result in customers having to buy their lighting separately. Our garage door opener LED’s offer a lifetime warranty for even greater customer value. And with new innovations such as our smart garage door openers and a smart phone app, customers gain greater convenience and peace of mind from most anywhere.