Smart Home Garage Door Openers

Smart Garage Door Openers by Mighty Mule

Tired of noisy, unreliable, and unsightly garage door operators? Mighty Mule offers best-in-class automatic smart garage door openers that leverage the latest in aesthetic design, performance, reliability, security and smart home automation technologies. When you buy a Mighty Mule automatic garage door opener, you get the best value and the latest in innovation.

That’s the Mighty Mule Advantage!

Our super quiet and easy-to-install smart garage door openers offer an extra layer of control, security, and peace of mind for homeowners. We offer openers with various horsepower, ranging from 3⁄4 – 1 1⁄4, to handle virtually any residential garage door. And each of our smart garage door openers come with a quiet operating DC motor, dual LED dimmable panel lighting up to 2,000 lumens, photo eye safety sensors, and a set of remotes with built-in battery backup.

The Mighty Mule Smart Garage Door Controller App for iOS and Android devices allows you to monitor and control your Mighty Mule garage door opener remotely, from anywhere in the world. Stop second guessing if someone forgot to close the door or if you left the remote control in the other car. Get notifications on who’s opening and closing the garage door, if the light was left on and more with our app.

Our wireless garage door opener is equipped with Wi-Fi smart capabilities that allow for seamless integration with your smartphone, Alexa, or Google Home device. Mighty Mule’s automatic smart automatic garage door openers are just what you need to complete your smart home setup, and our DC-powered garage door openers are compliant with new California rules for garage door safety (SB-969). Learn more about our models below.

Read the Mighty Mule FAQ on California SB-969